Miss Ambreen Rashid Khan is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. She holds 9 years of Clinical experience where she has expertise in dealing with complex psychological cases. She is also performing her academic obligations as HOD/Assistant Professor for around period of 9 years.

She has done MSc Psychology, Post Magistral Diploma in Clinical Psychology(PMDCP), MS in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Public Health as her professional credentials. She is a competent mental health practitioner with her vast experience in the areas of psychological assessment, psychotherapy, counseling and clinical supervision.

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I see individuals, couples and families. I am available to work with parents or children alone.

Learning Disabilities

Characterized in childhood where there is difficulty in learning basic academic skills and lacking in planning and organization due to slow mental processing.

Behavioral Problems

Include a wide range of problematic behaviors that make child difficult to manage. Few examples include temper tantrums, yelling, clinging and disruptive behavior.

Parenting Skills

A set of patterns and abilities for optimal up-bringing of children and to handle them uniquely and adaptively as per their needs to be a better person tomorrow.


An impulsive and impatient child that is always on a go and feels hard to concentrate and attend instructions and task at hand. Symptoms prevail in adulthood.

Intellectual Disability

Identified in childhood where intellectual functioning that is IQ and adaptive functioning that is daily life skills including social and self help skills are deficient in individual.


An excessive fear that results in shaky mental health with physical symptoms. Consequences as fainting and mistakenably matching with serious diseases like heart attack.

Grief and loss

Includes psychological outcomes with due loss of a significant figure or asset in one's life for example death of a loved one, break up like.

Personality Disorders

A set of personality characteristics, habits, preferences and behaviors that make a person difficult to get along with others.

Adjustment Issues

Phase of life issues that render a person unable to adapt with change for example job transfer, hostel life, married life.

Gender Dysphoria

One's dissatifaction with assigned biological gender as being male or female and confusion in gender identity.

Panic attacks

A surge of physical and cognitive symptoms due to anticipated extreme fear that is beyond the control of a person.

Motivation, Confidence, Public Speaking

Psychological techniques and training to overcome fear of social settings, people and to be an efficient in social skills.

Anger Management

Techniques and mental exercises to regulate anger productively and overcoming worst consequences.


Providing awareness and discussing details of difficulty a person is suffering and treatment modules.


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